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General Overview, Help and Solutions

Automated Email Notifications and Open CountsDid you know you can get notified when candidates open your emails?
Can I download the resume of a specific candidate I find on RecruitBot?Need to download a specific candidate resume for upload into another system? You can!
Re-Engage with CandidatesHave candidates who didn't respond to a drip campaign? Reach back out with the re-engagement pool.
Changing your domain and what to do via RecruitBotChanging your business domain, and want to make sure things run smooth? Here's the steps to take.
Tips and tricks for rating candidates appropriately
Email Outreach Limits When Using RecruitBotRecruitBot has a few limitations when it comes to email outreach. This article explains what they are, and why they exist.
Getting the most emails to candidate inboxes (validation policies, email warming, sub-domains)Send Sales, Marketing or Business Development outreach campaigns and maximize your results
RecruitBot's Machine Learning Predictions and Candidate RankingsWondering how ranking candidates affect ML predictions? Do you want tips on improving ranking quality? This article's for you!
Creating impactful drip campaigns and effective outreachWant to get more responses and better open rates? Follow these tips!
Creating effective outreach
Collaborate with your hiring team
Introducing Phone Numbers, Emails and the 'More Actions' widgetPhone numbers, moving and adding to multiple projects, notes and more!
Email and Phone CreditsEmail and Phone credits for revealing candidate contact information.
RecruitBot - Canceling or Pausing your SubscriptionWant to cancel or pause? There's alternatives to keep you in the game.
Where does RecruitBot get its data?Details on where we get our candidate data and compliance
Generative AI + RecruitBotLet RecruitBot and AI improve your sourcing process from searching to building email campaigns - search to sending in just 2 minutes.
Search Overview and Market Data MappingLooking for deeper data on your search results? Break-down your search results by a variety of in-depth candidate data.
Tags - Create and Tag Projects or Campaigns🏷️Use tags to identify and track projects or email campaigns. 🏷️
Searching Outreach: Find a candidate you've reached out toHave a response from a candidate and you want to quickly locate them?