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Changing your domain and what to do via RecruitBot
Changing your domain and what to do via RecruitBot

Changing your business domain, and want to make sure things run smooth? Here's the steps to take.

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Are you or your business in the process of changing your domain, and want to know what steps to take in regards to RecruitBot? We can help!

Changing your domain is a part of doing business--one day you were, and the next you're, we get it. Luckily, RecruitBot makes it easy to switch up your domains with negligible impact to your candidates and outreach.

Step 1: All Email Campaigns Must Be Completed

This is critical--once you switch over your domain, if you try to respond to candidates via RecruitBot to an old candidate, or pause/un-pause an email campaign, the emails won't get to the right place, and your candidates will be confused or unhappy. Make sure all email campaigns are COMPLETED.

If you're unsure, you can go to the Outreach section of your account, then in each position, click 'All', then use the filters to search for 'Outreach Scheduled', 'Outreach Paused', or 'Outreach In Progress'.

Any of these means you still have outreach going out or scheduled. You should STOP those campaigns as they won't work properly after your switch.

Step 2: Relink Your Email Accounts

After switching your domain, you'll need to re-link your accounts to your NEW email accounts/domains. To do this, either click on the Gmail or Microsoft email buttons on the dashboard:

Or, head to your settings and then click the appropriate email button for your provider.

It's OK if your current account (which uses your old email address as your login username) does NOT match your new email.

Step 3: Update Email Campaigns and Any Snippets

Don't forget to update your email campaigns and/or any snippets you might have to reflect your new business domain, you want to show off your new domain and business name!

Step 4: Continue Sourcing and Recruiting with New Drip Email Campaigns

Again, it's important that after the domain switch, you start sending drip email campaigns from a NEW campaign, not restarting old ones. If it's for the same position, don't worry, the new campaign will show up in the same outreach section, attached to the same position, almost like an A/B test!

Note: Although you can't change your login username (your 'old' email address) you ideally should have a forward or email alias set up to forward any messages to your new email. That way, you won't miss any emails from RecruitBot.

Good luck and if you need any help or have any other questions, just reach out to us at

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