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Linking RecruitBot to your ATS - Benefits and Solutions

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You may have an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to manage your candidate applications, tracking everything from job submissions to interested candidates and more. With RecruitBot, you can link to your ATS (if supported) to synchronize the status of your candidates, saving you time, reducing duplicated effort, and making the process of managing your candidates with your internal systems easier.

With RecruitBot, you can set up an integration with your ATS for supported ATS's, which currently include:

If we don't currently support your ATS (more planned in the future), you can always export your candidates from RecruitBot positions as a CSV, and import them into your ATS. You can also export candidates from RecruitBot as a PDF, and then import them into your ATS, where their profile/resume can be parsed by your ATS.

Some benefits of linking your RecruitBot account to your ATS:

  • Merge and export candidates from RecruitBot directly into your ATS on certain status changes or events. For example, you can choose to manually export candidates to your ATS, or you can select to have candidates exported when you mark them as 'Interviewing', etc.

  • Match candidates in your ATS to candidates in RecruitBot so you don't accidentally reach out to the same candidates multiple times. RecruitBot can match candidates by name, email address or LinkedIn profile URL to 'hide' candidates (or show them) based on their status in your ATS.

  • Enhance your ATS candidates with a profile/resume from RecruitBot, based on a possible match using a name, email address or LinkedIn URL.

If you have an ATS we don't currently support, but would like to learn how, reach out to us at're available for custom integrations or happy to chat about your specific needs.

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