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Step 5: Advanced Topics (Outreach Analytics, LinkedIn Extension, ATS Linking, Exporting Candidates)
Step 5: Advanced Topics (Outreach Analytics, LinkedIn Extension, ATS Linking, Exporting Candidates)

Let's dive deeper into some advanced topics!

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Once you've nailed the basics of using RecruitBot, then it's time for some advanced topics! Let's talk about some additional features, including outreach analytics, the LinkedIn Extension for Chrome, and linking your ATS. These features extend your use and knowledge of RecruitBot, and can help you uncover more candidates, iterate your email outreach and simplify your hiring process even further.

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Outreach Analytics

Once you've sent your first (or tenth) email outreach campaign, the obvious next question is, "What were my open and response rates for those emails?" RecruitBot gives you a variety of analytics for your position, including open and response rates, and details on each specific drip. Let's take a look at the funnel report and break down each section.

To find your outreach analytics, or what we call the 'Funnel Report', first choose the position you've sent outreach for. Then, click on 'Funnel Report' in the left side navigation.

In the overall report, you'll see a visual view of your position, the response and open rates, as well as the rates of candidates you've moved further down the pipeline.

Everything on the LEFT side of the visual view (sent, opened and responded) is automatically managed by RecruitBot. The RIGHT side (interested, interviewed and hired) are manual statuses that you set in RecruitBot, helping you pipeline or keep track of your candidate statuses, almost like a mini-CRM or ATS.

The bottom section contains the detailed breakdown of the campaign (or campaigns), or, if you click the chevron to reveal the drip analytics, we'll show you specific open/response rates for each drip, super helpful to see which email messages are performing well, or aren't. Find the email drips that are underperforming and refactor them for better engagement.

Some advanced tips--you can send multiple email campaigns to a group of candidates, essentially running an A/B test to see which email campaigns perform better or worse!

LinkedIn Extension for Chrome from RecruitBot

Did you know we have an extension for Chrome that works on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter, Twitter (now X) and more? To download the plugin, click on the 'Download the Plugin' button on the dashboard, or visit the link below.

Then, check out our detailed installation and setup guide to get the most out of sourcing off LinkedIn with RecruitBot.

ATS Integrations

If you've got an ATS to manage your hiring/candidate process, and you use Greenhouse, Lever or Bullhorn, that's great! RecruitBot has a native API integration where we can update/track and help you manage your candidates through the entire hiring process.

With the RecruitBot ATS integrations, and depending on your specific configuration, you can sync candidates you've reached out to from RecruitBot with your ATS. No more having to export/import CSV files and manually manage your candidates.

To learn more about how to set up the ATS integrations, choose your specific ATS and check out the help desk integration guides.

And, if we don't support your specific ATS directly, you can always export/import candidates to or from your ATS using CSV files.

CSV Export of Your Position Pipeline

If you're looking to export your entire candidate pipeline, you can! Under the 'All' section of the Outreach pipeline, just click the 'To CSV' button. You'll get an email with a downloadable CSV file--all your candidates, their status, any revealed contact information, all in a handy CSV.

If you're looking for more tips, tricks, or advanced topics, take a look at our Help Desk. We've got guides, how-to articles, video tutorials and more!

Exporting Candidates

If you're looking to use RecruitBot for searching and sourcing, but don't want to use our automated email outreach, that's fine too! Just search and qualify candidates, then export them directly from the search results or qualified section.

To export candidates, select multiple by using the checkbox next to their names, or, use the 'Select All' to bulk-select multiple candidates. Then, click the 'Export' button on the right panel.

Once choosing to export, you'll have the option to include emails and/or phone numbers in your CSV export of candidates. If you don't have enough email or phone credits to export the selected data, you can unselect candidates, or reach out to us and we'll discuss how to add more.

Once you've selected the candidates and profile information you'd like, you'll receive a CSV file either immediately, or downloadable via an email. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading our RecruitBot Getting Started Guide. We hope it was helpful and informative. Any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our CS team at

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