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Greenhouse + RecruitBot
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How to create an integration with

RecruitBot uses machine learning to understand your hiring preferences and discover your ideal candidates, then gets them to engage with you by automating conversations with best-in-class email marketing tools.

Through our integration with, you'll easily be able to easily transfer data between platforms.


Before we begin, make sure you have:

☑ A admin account

☑ A RecruitBot admin account

This article demonstrates how to:

Part I: Generate an API Key within your Greenhouse account

Create Integration between Greenhouse Recruiting and RecruitBot

Part I: Generate an API Key within your Greenhouse account by doing the following:

1. Open a new tab and go to Click the Configure icon


in the upper-right corner.


2. Using the left-hand menu , navigate to the Dev Center.

3. Select API Credential Management.


4. Click Create a new API Key.


5. Use the subsequent dialog box to give the credential the description " RecruitBot". Select Harvest from the Type dropdown menu.

6. Click Create.

7. From the Manage API Key Permissions page, click Select the following permissions.

Ensure your permission fields match the following:

Permission Field Settings



  • GET: Retrieve Application

  • GET: List Applications

  • PATCH: Update Applications

  • POST: Advance Application

  • POST: Move Application

  • POST: Reject Application

  • POST: Moves Application to Job

  • POST: Unreject Application



  • All permissions


Custom Field Options

  • GET: Custom Field Options


Email Templates

  • All permissions


Job Stages

  • All permissions



  • GET: Retrieve Job

  • GET: List Jobs

Rejection Reasons

  • All permissions


  • All permissions


  • All permissions


In total, your permission fields should look like this:


Navigate down the page to click Update.

8. Return to the API Credentials page. Navigate to your new API Key and click Copy.

9. Navigate to the integrations section of your RecruitBot account by clicking your email address in the upper right corner, then 'Settings', then 'ATS Integration' on the left.

10. Click the “Continue with Greenhouse'' button to begin the integration.

11. Paste your Greenhouse API Key into the box labeled “ENTERPRISE API” in the Greenhouse section of the Integrations page, as seen in the image below.

Just below the API Status list, you have the option to select a user for updates (typically this is your Greenhouse Admin), this is optional.

Part II: Map your stages to RecruitBot

  1. In the subsequent section of the Integrations page (below the API Status list), you can map your custom Greenhouse stages to RecruitBot.

Your first stage for "Application Review" should be "Applied". The rest should be "Interviewing." Choices have been made for you by default, but please review these mappings before clicking "Submit".

🎉 The integration between RecruitBot and Greenhouse is now complete! 🎉

Part III: Link RecruitBot positions to your positions

With the integration setup complete, you can now;

A) Import candidate search information from Greenhouse to RecruitBot


B) Link existing candidate searches that were made solely in RecruitBot (likely during your trial) to the related positions on Greenhouse

NOTE: The integration will also find all of the candidates you’ve reached out to in a platform outside of RecruitBot to make sure that you don’t engage them in additional correspondence.



A) Link existing Greenhouse positions with a new position in RecruitBot

1. Return to the app homepage ( and select +Create Position from the upper right. This will prompt the following window:


2. Select the input box to begin typing the position as it is named on Greenhouse and, as it appears, select it from a dropdown list of all the positions from your Greenhouse.

3. Once you have selected the appropriate position, click the “Link” button.

Now your search is reflected in both applications and any changes made on one platform will be automatically reflected in the other.

NOTE: A logo in the title of your search serves as an indicator that a position is synced with (or any other ATS).


B) Sync existing RecruitBot positions with positions in

1. Return to the app homepage (

2. Navigate to the position you would like to connect with Greenhouse and click on the gear symbol in the upper right corner of the position section.

3. A pop-up window labeled “Edit Position” will appear. At the bottom of this pop-up, there is a section titled “Link To Greenhouse”. Input/select the name of the Greenhouse position you’d like to sync with the RecruitBot position, and click the “Link” button.


Check API Status:

Once you've configured your Greenhouse ATS, you should see the status section of your API connection displaying all green checks, indicating everything is good!

Congratulations on adding and configuring your Greenhouse ATS integration! If you have any questions, please reach out to support at

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