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Bullhorn + RecruitBot

Using Bullhorn as your ATS and want to integrate with RecruitBot?

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Welcome to integrating your ATS with RecruitBot! With the Bullhorn and RecruitBot integration, it's easy to sync your candidates between both systems.

Let's walk through how to do so.

Step 1: Link your BH account with RecruitBot

Click the Bullhorn button and login to your BH account from RecruitBot with your administrator account as shown below. Note: You'll be logging into your Bullhorn account shown below using OAUTH authentication, to allow RecruitBot to sync using your account credentials--make sure to use an account/user that has administrator privileges.

Log into your Bullhorn account:

After logging into your Bullhorn account, return to RecruitBot (you should be redirected, but if not you can just return there with the link above). You don't need to change the name of the Primary Bullhorn account, you can leave it as the default.

Step 2: Confirm the Stage Mapping and Export settings are correct

In this step, you'll want to check on both the Stage Mappings and the Export settings to ensure they are correct. Typically, most customers are using the default mapping settings (these control what candidate states are set between RecruitBot and your ATS), but you can manually adjust the RecruitBot stages if you wish.

Stage Mappings:

Then, confirm the export mapping settings are correct. Most customers leave this set as the default, but you have the option to change the setting to your preferences.

Additional Candidate Exporting Options:

If you are viewing a candidate in a position that's linked to your ATS, you can also manually export/sync that candidate to your ATS. To do so, simply click the 'Export' button on the candidate profile. That candidate will be uploaded/synced to your ATS!

Step 3: Link Your Positions with your Bullhorn ATS

Now that you've enabled your Bullhorn/RecruitBot integration, you'll want to choose which positions (if you currently have any created on RecruitBot) that you want to link with your jobs over in Bullhorn. This linking will enable the syncing of candidates and their states between RecruitBot and your ATS for the specific position.

To link a position, click the 'gear' icon in the upper right of a position. Then, choose the Bullhorn position from the pull-down menu you'd like to link to.

And, finally click "Link" in order to link your position. During the linking process, you'll be prompted to confirm the linking. Also, you have the option to export any candidates you've reached out to in RecruitBot into your ATS. By default this is off, but you have the option to enable exporting of reached out candidates. If you choose this, any candidates in the 'Reached Out' state for the position will be exported to your ATS.

Then, you'll see the position now has the Bullhorn icon next to the position name, indicating it's linked.

That's it! Now, candidates and their states can be automatically synced between RecruitBot and your ATS based on your configuration and stage mappings. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to Support at

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