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RecruitBot Chrome Browser Extension/Plugin (Installation and User Guide)
RecruitBot Chrome Browser Extension/Plugin (Installation and User Guide)

RecruitBot offers a Chrome plugin, so you can source, rate, and email candidates directly from LinkedIn, but with RecruitBot!

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Have you ever wanted to harness the power of RecruitBot while you were browsing LinkedIn or Twitter? Now you can, with the RecruitBot Chrome browser extension/plugin!

The RecruitBot plugin lets you browse candidate profiles on LinkedIn while logged into your RecruitBot account. If you see a candidate that you like, and RecruitBot can match them to a candidate in our profile database, you'll be able to add them to a position in RecruitBot, reveal email/phone contact information and reach out directly to their personal email!

All with one click!

To install the RecruitBot LinkedIn Chrome Browser extension/plugin:

Click the 'Install Button' below.

  1. Then, click the 'Add to Chrome' button (this plugin only works with Google Chrome at this time).

  2. Click 'Add extension' when Chrome confirms that you accept the settings.

  3. Once the extension is installed, you should see the screen showing it was successful.

  4. Now, go to your LinkedIn account and visit any customer's full profile (here's a great example for Jeremy, our CEO). As we visit a full LinkedIn profile, you'll see the plugin load as an overlay in the upper right of your browser.

  5. If you're not already signed in, click the "Sign In" button (step 1), and then authorize the plugin to access your RecruitBot account (step 2). You 'may' be redirected to RecruitBot to sign into your account. If so, log into your RecruitBot account, then return to LinkedIn.

Once logged in, you should see the extension showing you the name of the candidate, and options to choose an available job position or rate the candidate.

Now, let's take a look at what the plugin can do and how to make it work for you!

Using the Plugin Once Installed

Once you're on LinkedIn, it's as easy as browsing candidates' profiles, then choosing a position to add the candidate to. There's a lot you can do in the plugin, here's a screenshot of the available options and an explanation of each feature.

'More Actions'

You can use the 'more actions' at the top to reveal a candidate's email address, their phone number, view their candidate profile on RecruitBot, add/edit notes on their profile, share a link with a co-worker, or download a PDF version of their resume.

In addition, the extension shows the candidate's name, any social icons/links we have for them (all clickable!), along with the current position you've selected the candidate for, their candidate rating (if applicable), an option to change their status, and a 'Reach Out' button at the bottom.

You can change the position you're selecting to add the candidate to by clicking the 'Change Position' menu, giving you access to all your open positions on RecruitBot.

Click 'Reach Out' to enter the outreach panel, where you can send outreach directly to this candidate using a drip campaign, shown below.

Then choose to either send yourself a preview or, send the drip campaign as you can on the full RecruitBot site.

In this editing section, you can also edit the drip email campaign and make any changes you'd like. If you do make changes to an existing drip campaign, upon sending, you'll be prompted to either:

  • Save Changes as New Campaign - Save and create a new campaign with the changes you've made

  • Update Current Campaign - Update the existing campaign with the changes you made

  • Personalize Campaign - Only send the current email(s) with the changes you made. This personalization option will NOT save the email campaign for future use.

Tips and QA for some common issues:

Q - Does the RecruitBot plugin work on the feed page?

A - No, the plugin only works currently on the FULL PROFILE pages for candidates

Q - Why does the RecruitBot plugin take a few seconds to show the candidate's name?

A - Our ML is hard at work in the background matching up candidates in our database with those on LinkedIn. It should only take a few seconds to complete the match.

Q - Why do I see a 'We don't have any info about this candidate' message?

A - Some candidates just aren't in our database at this time. We're always hard at work to add more candidates to our database, but until that time, you can't reach out to these missing candidates directly through our plugin/extension.

Q - Help! My RecruitBot extension disappeared and now it doesn't show back up.

A - If the plugin doesn't show up, try refreshing your web page while on the LinkedIn profile page, or, if you have the extension 'pinned', then click on the extension icon in the Chrome bar and it should reappear.

To 'pin' the extension to your extension window, click the puzzle piece icon in the Chrome toolbar, then select the pin icon next to the RecruitBot extension. Clicking the RecruitBot logo for Arbee should bring the RecruitBot extension to the front.

We appreciate you taking the time to use the RecruitBot LinkedIn Chrome plugin. Please send any feedback, questions, or comments to us at Thank you!

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