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Data Collection and Usage
Data Collection and Usage
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What are the various types of data being shared or collected?

RecruitBot broadly collects three kinds of data:

1) User Interaction Data - we collect data like clicks, ratings, notes, and other kinds of user generated data to allow users to collaborate

2) Email Data - we request data to both send emails on behalf of users, and to read email data. We request send permission to automate personalized email campaigns to candidates. We have read data to understand when users have responded, and also share that information with users who may send emails on behalf of other users (like a recruiter, emailing on behalf of a hiring manager)

3) ATS Data - we only collect this data if an ATS is linked. We will collect information about candidates, where they are in the ATS, their current stage, etc. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from the ATS is never shared between companies, though derivative data, like machine learning models across all companies may be processed. When users engage with candidates, we may export resume into the ATS. We also ingest data from the ATS with data in our systems to help with use cases such as hiding candidates already in the ATS, or helping users re-engage candidates that are already in the ATS.

For more information, please review our privacy policy.

How will data be transferred to or received by the vendor?

1) Interaction data is mainly transferred directly to us through interaction of the app, via secure connection. However, in some cases we also collect data using 3rd-party applications such as Google Analytics.

2) Email Data is transferred using Microsoft Outlook and Gmail's secure REST APIs. We go through annual security certification every year to access email apis.

3) We access ATS Data through secure REST APIs.

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