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How to: Link Your Email Address to your Account For Outreach
How to: Link Your Email Address to your Account For Outreach

Linking or relinking an email account for outreach.

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Connect Your Email Account to RecruitBot

  1. Ensure you are logged in to the RecruitBot app.

  2. Select your email address from the upper right corner, or, alternatively, click on the 'Step 2: Linking Your Email' button on the getting started section.

  3. Or, visit the personal settings page from the dropdown menu.

  4. Scroll down to the email linking section, and click either Gmail or Microsoft to link to your appropriate email provider.

  5. Follow the prompts to log in and link your email address and you’re all set! Just accept the connection and your email is connected.

  6. If you receive an authentication error, or message saying your IT department or administrator needs to authorize the linking/login, you may need to contact you IT team to allow the connection. Reach out to our customer success team if you have more questions!

    NOTE: An email address can NOT be linked to multiple RecruitBot accounts, so if you find you can't link your email, ensure you aren't trying to link with an account that's already synced. Also check with your IT department to ensure there aren't any internal blocks or firewalls preventing you from linking your email. This is common among corporate organizations using Microsoft Outlook/365 accounts.

    Linking Your Email

  7. Your email is now authenticated.

Occasionally, an email account will get 'unlinked' - either due to the attached email account not being configured correctly or an issue with the attached email account. In this case, the email account will need to be 'relinked' as in the process above.

If the issue is with an email account being unlinked multiple times, it's possible the Gmail or Microsoft account is incorrectly configured - and might not be usable as an email account. If so, you'll need to choose another email account to send outreach from RecruitBot.

Testing Your Linked Email

To test and ensure your email account is properly linked to RecruitBot, we suggest sending a 'Preview' of an email sequence to yourself. This helps to both test the layout/content of the email sequence, as well as ensure your system is sending/receiving emails properly. After sending an email preview of a campaign, you should see the emails appear in both your Inbox (as you're the receiver) and the Outbox or 'Sent' folder (as you're also the sender).

To send an email preview, head into the Campaigns section, and then select any email campaign. Look for the 'Send Preview' button--click and you'll receive a copy of the entire email sequence to your inbox. It's that easy!

Email Privacy and Security


RecruitBot interacts with your email account in two ways: sending and receiving data.

When we send emails to candidates, we log it to RecruitBot, so you can see the conversation history, which is especially important when sending emails on behalf of others.

When emails are received from candidates, we also log them to RecruitBot. Similarly, when sending, we do it so you can review the entire conversation history, especially if the candidate responds to a user you sent 'on behalf of' because you likely don’t have direct access to that email address. In addition, we need to know when a candidate has responded so we can stop the drip campaign that’s being sent out, and flag it for you to respond to them.


We care deeply about security and constantly monitor and improve our security practices. For an overview of our security policy, including a discussion of our 3rd party penetration testing and SOC2 compliance, you can find it here. We are happy to provide documentation as part of your assessment of RecruitBot prior to any purchase of the software.

When it comes to security, we follow the principle of least privilege, whereby we only access the minimal information we need. When connecting to your Google or Office365 accounts we leverage OAuth, which enables you to delegate access to RecruitBot and revoke it at any time without having to change your own credentials. Our email partners allow us to access the data in two parts; essentially like an envelope (headers) and a letter (content). The email headers contain information such as the from and to fields, as well as the subject line. When you send or receive an email, we are notified only of the headers, and we request the content only for candidate responses. Emails not sent via Recruitbot are never even requested by our system.

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