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Step 1: Create Your Project

Creating job projects--quick and easy.

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Creating New Projects

Let's get started creating your first project! Just click the "Add New Project" button in the middle of the page to get started creating your first job sourcing project.

After clicking to add the new position/project, enter a job title descriptive enough that you'll recognize it on your dashboard, and maybe include the location or your name if you want to make sure it sticks out. A good one might be something like, "Software Developer-San Francisco, CA".

While creating your new project, you can add a URL to a job position on the web, or paste in the text of your position. We'll use AI to automatically create a candidate search for you and an email campaign (more about this in Steps 2 and 4).

Then, click 'Create Project'. RecruitBot will take you right to the search section, where you can start searching for candidates!

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