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Job Title Groups - More matches for your candidate searches
Job Title Groups - More matches for your candidate searches

Searching for job titles to find candidates, but don't know their related jobs? We got you!

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We've introduced a new faster and smarter way to help you search for candidates - Job Title Groupings.

Previously, if you searched for a position, let's say, 'Senior Developer', you'd get a match for that position, and we'd recommend similar positions. BUT, we wouldn't automatically add them for you and it was a bit cumbersome having to do so - leading to fewer matches.

Now, with improved job title groupings, RecruitBot has used its AI to understand the jobs related to the one you're searching for, AND we can automatically add all those matches to your search. If you search for 'Senior Developer', you now automatically get 'Developer', 'Java Developer', '.net Developer', and about 50 more. One-click on a job title group and you can add a huge number of matches to your candidate search, instead of having to manually search for and click on each job title! It's like getting something for free, who doesn't love that? 😁

Let's take a look at how this works.

Step 1 - Since this is an Early Access feature, if your search for job titles doesn't look the same, just reach out to us at and let us know - we can enable it for you.

Step 2 - Head to your search section of a specific position, then go to the Job Titles search. Once there, start searching for a job by title, for this test, let's do 'Senior Developer'. You'll see that RecruitBot knows which jobs are related, and suggests a job title group for you to add. Click that job title group and you've just added a larger pool of candidates to your position. You can always click that job title group and uncheck specific job titles if they don't match what you're looking for.

Step 3 - That's it! Sit back and enjoy having a larger pool of candidates to source from!

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