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RecruitBot--now with simplified navigation!
RecruitBot--now with simplified navigation!

Simple, clean sidebar navigation to speed up your sourcing experience.

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You've probably noticed, but we've revamped the navigation on RecruitBot to simplify and improve your overall experience. You'll have more space on the page to review candidate profiles, less wasted space on the top navigation, and it's easier to find your most important positions. Plus, we've improved everything to be much faster and fit various screen sizes.

Let's take a look at the new, sidebar navigation and how to make it work for you.

Sidebar Navigation

Pin and Projects

On the top of the sidebar is the "pin" where you can expand/shrink the navigation. If you like seeing the labels on the icons, just "pin" the window and you'll always be able to see it in the expanded format. Otherwise, it'll shrink when you move your mouse off the panel.

To return to your main positions view at any time (the dashboard), just click on Arbee or the Projects icon/title.

Candidate Search by Name or Email

If you're looking for a specific candidate, you can now search for them by name, partial name or email address. Simply head to the 'All' section for your project/position pipeline (you'll find that on the left side under 'All'), then use the quick-search to locate the candidate you're looking for. If there's a match, we'll show their name on the left side panel.

Quick Menu

Next up on the navigation is a quick menu for your open, active projects. You can select/sort by all projects, only your projects, or search for a project in the search panel.

Under the search panel you'll see all your projects listed in alphabetical order. Just choose any project to select it as the one you're working in. Note that the projects panel only shows OPEN roles.


We've reworked the navigation to highlight the important parts of your sourcing and recruiting workflow--finding and qualifying candidates!

Once you've selected a project from the pull-down menu above, you can quickly navigate to:

  • Search--Finding candidates

  • Qualified--Review your qualified candidates

  • Re-Engage--Reach back out to those candidates who you reached out to, but didn't respond

  • Unsuccessful--Try an alternative method to contact those candidates that might have a bad email address

And, if you already have candidates in any of these buckets, we'll show you a quick, visual indicator. In the image below, you've got 16 candidates qualified--send outreach to them!


Once you've searched for and qualified candidates, it's time to reach out! Quickly navigate to:

  • Funnel Report--Also known as outreach or pipeline analytics, it's your quick overview of how your outreach process is going. Response rates, open rates, all the metrics are there!

  • Reaching Out--Curious which candidates are receiving email, or have email queued to be sent? Head to reaching out to see what stage in the outreach process they're at.

  • Responded--Looking for those candidates who've responded via email? View the responded section to check your candidate responses and respond or continue the pipelining process to mark them as interested, interviewing, etc.

  • All--want to view all your candidates in the pipeline, then use filters to narrow down into specifics?

Manage and Collaborate

Looking to create, edit and manage your email outreach templates? Want to invite or edit your teammates? The manage and collaboration panel is for you.

  • Campaigns--Manage, edit, create and personalize your email campaigns quickly and easily, now with AI!

  • Team--If you're looking to manage your RecruitBot licenses, add or remove users, or check on the status of your linked email, head to the Team section.

Help and Settings

Curious how a product feature works, or have feedback? Click on Help to launch our help desk integration or ask us a question! If you're looking to link your email, change your billing information or credit card, or explore ATS integration, head to Help and Settings.

Expanded Top Navigation

Along with the simplified sidebar navigation is the new top navigation. This smart navigation allows you to quickly move between projects, and between the relevant parts of the pipeline to save you time.

Now, when you're in a project, you can use the left side of the top navigation to quickly move BETWEEN roles with a familiar pull-down menu.

And, if you'd like to move to a different SECTION of the sourcing pipeline, you'll use the right side of the navigation to move into another section--from Searching to Qualifying for example, or Reaching Out to Re-Engaging.

We hope you love the new navigation. Please send us feedback and let us know!

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