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Using RecruitBot to Search for Candidates - Deep Dive into Search Fields
Using RecruitBot to Search for Candidates - Deep Dive into Search Fields

Our revamped search panel streamlines and speeds up your sourcing!

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Welcome to the new search! Along with improved sidebar navigation, we've improved the search panel with some additional features--let's dive in and see how we're making sourcing with RecruitBot faster.

Updated Search Panel with improved UI

Let's break down the variety of improvements we've made. At a first glance, you'll notice the new search panel has a sleeker look, more definition between the sections for clarity, and more readable font.

Search Naming/Copy

To see more details of the search you're currently in, click the pulldown menu, labeled 'Search #1' here.

For each search, you can rename the title, delete the search, or copy it for editing. Each search also shows the name of the 'searcher' or user so you can collaborate with your team. You can also create new searches, sort and search.

Collapsible Panels

Each search panel is also now collapsible, which gives you more screen area to run searches and navigate more quickly. You'll also notice there's an indicator showing how many search 'criteria' you have in each section.

Search 'Tokens' and Exclusions

The Job Title search works just as before, except we've upgraded it with an indicator of how many terms and a more visible exclusion symbol. If you'd like to 'not show' a specific job title, change the token option to 'Doesn't Have', and then enter the search term you want to exclude.

Skills and Experience

We've merged the TOTAL years of experience and the number of years in a position search to make them easier to find. If you're looking to search for a specific skill, and want to match/search the entire profile for a candidate, just choose the 'search entire profile' box.

With skills, you can search for candidates who have specific skills (Must Have), don't have specific skills (Doesn't Have), or, you can affect the sorting of the candidate results using the Nice to Have feature. Nice to have skills do NOT affect the search results, they ONLY affect the sorting of candidates in the results.

DEI Signals

We've streamlined the DEI signal indicators, highlighting the most frequently searched at the top.

We hope you love the new search and find it's easier and faster to use! Happy sourcing!

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