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Video - Rating candidates and using notes for faster collaboration
Video - Rating candidates and using notes for faster collaboration
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Video Transcript

Hi there, welcome to RecruitBot. Today we’re going to show you how to use RecruitBot’s candidate rating system and notes feature to more quickly align with your teammates. With this approach, everyone can get on the same page in a manner in minutes, whereas before it might have taken weeks. So let’s dive in.

Let’s say I’m a recruiter and I’m working together with my Head of Sales to hire some midmarket Account Executives in Boston MA..

I know vaguely what his criteria are–he wants people with experience at smaller companies, so I make sure I find a few of them and rate them appropriately in RecruitBot–5 stars for an amazing candidate, 1 star for an irrelevant one.

Every candidate I rate 3 stars or greater gets marked as “Qualified”, and they get shortlisted into the Qualified tab, which you can find here.

Now my Head of Sales can go into this shortlist of candidates and review them individually. He can either agree with my ratings, or, if he disagrees with them, he can override them.

More importantly, he can also take notes on each candidate and explain to me exactly why he didn’t like specific candidates. In this case, he’s letting me know that he doesn’t want to see any AEs from marketing agencies, and he doesn’t want anybody at enterprise companies.

Now, as a recruiter, I can see this feedback and learn all of his preferences without playing email tag, or yet another Zoom call or in person meeting. It’s entirely asynchronous, and it only takes me a few minutes to digest it all.

So now I’ll take the information I learned and I’ll make sure to exclude anybody from marketing agencies, and I’ll also make sure to exclude people from enterprise companies.

Hopefully it’s obvious how helpful RecruitBot’s notes and ratings systems can be to help teams collaborate. Now the candidates I’m sending over to my hiring managers will be much more relevant, saving everyone a ton of time and frustration. And all it took was a few moments to review.

Thanks for watching, and happy recruiting

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