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Step 3: Rating Candidates, Unlocking the Machine Learning and Qualifying Candidates
Step 3: Rating Candidates, Unlocking the Machine Learning and Qualifying Candidates

Start with a huge list of candidates and end up with a personalized list, just for you.

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Great news! RecruitBot helped find you thousands of candidates for your open position--but wait....that's WAY too many candidates to sort through and review. Sourcing in 2024 is supposed to be more efficient and save you time. That's where RecruitBot can help.

When you match with more candidates than you can manage, RecruitBot uses advanced machine learning to understand your likes and dislikes, then surfaces the best candidates for your position. You might wonder how we do this? You rate candidates on a star rating system, with 1-2 stars ⭐ for a 'not qualified' candidate and 4-5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐ for a 'great' candidate. Then, RecruitBot automatically re-sorts your candidate list and surfaces the best matches at the top. It's like going to a restaurant and having the waiter know exactly what food you like!

After running a search and getting a list of candidates, you only need to spend about 5-10 minutes rating these candidates. Here's how it works.

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Rating Candidates

First, from the list of candidates in the search results, you'll see a progress bar at the top--this is how many more candidates you need to rate for RecruitBot to understand your initial preferences.

Simply click through each candidate until you've rated ten 1-2 ⭐star candidates and ten 4-5 ⭐ candidates (that's 20 candidates total). Three stars is considered a 'neutral' rating, and doesn't affect the machine learning.

On the upper right corner of the candidate profiles, both on the search results and on each candidate profile, you'll see a greyed out 'star' rating. Hover over this with your mouse, then click on the star rating to choose a star rating for each candidate. These ratings are available on both the search results page, shown below, and the individual candidate profiles. We recommend rating candidates on their individual profile page.

Arbee Pro-tip: When rating candidates, try to use objective reasons for rating good or bad (things like skills, education, experience, job title and company match), and not subjective reasons (don't like their name, hate their company, don't like job hoppers, where they live, etc.). Arbee is pretty smart, but can't understand subjective reasons for rating and could skew your results.

Candidate results page with no ratings (greyed out star ratings):

Candidate profile page with star ratings:

Once you've rated 20 total candidates, the machine learning will 'unlock', and you'll see an animation of Arbee hard at work re-sorting the list of candidates in the background (like I said, Arbee is pretty smart).

Then, click to reveal your personalized list of candidates, rated just for you! You'll notice the difference with the purple RecruitBot star ratings. These star ratings are only the suggestions, based off the candidates you've rated, of how RecruitBot believes a candidate will be a good fit for your positions. You can also mouse over the purple ratings scale and rate over the top of our suggestions--continuing to improve the machine learning and understanding of your preferences.

Now that you've got the personalized list, let's talk about qualifying or short-listing candidates.

Qualifying or 'Short-Listing' Candidates

From here, you've got a decision to make. Do you use the 'Select All' to filter all the top four or five star candidates, and qualify them to your short-list? Or, do you manually go through each candidate, using RecruitBot suggested ratings to sort through the best ones? RecruitBot gives you the ability to source and choose your candidates more efficiently, however your desired workflow.

Qualifying, or shortlisting, adds the candidates you're interested in to your 'save for later' list. You're choosing the candidates you'd like to reach out to at a later time, either individually, but typically in bulk (save time and boost efficiency, right?)

To add candidates to your qualified pool or short-list, simply rate them 3, 4 or 5 ⭐stars. It's that simple. You'll see the counter or number of candidates in your qualified pool for that position increment for later.

You can also qualify candidates individually by rating them, or qualify in bulk by using the "Qualified For Outreach".

The end result after rating and qualifying candidates is you should end up with a pool of qualified, great candidates to reach out.

Next, we'll talk about how to craft great messaging campaigns and send automated email campaigns to candidates!

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