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Successful Searching: Tokenized search fields
Successful Searching: Tokenized search fields
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As you conduct your search, [inputting your desired candidate attributes into] completing fields like "Location", "Skills", or "Experience" (as seen below), you are conducting a tokenized search.

What are tokens?

Tokens, in this instance, are search terms (or data) that you input into the various fields available.

A token is typically a single word or short phrase [couplet] (e.g. "Seattle" or "San Francisco" for Location) used as a unique identifier to narrow your search.

How does this affect my search?

Why does this matter? How can you effectively utilize this search tool to get one step closer to discovering tons of "perfect fit" candidates?

Location might be an easy field to fill out, but just because someone is located in the right place doesn't mean they're the right fit, right? Delve deeper into the nuances of recruiting and leverage RecruitBot's [machine learning] to do the work for you by nailing those keywords.

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