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How to: Manage your RecruitBot company users
How to: Manage your RecruitBot company users

Add/Remove users on your team, manage invitations or add additional seats

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Invite your colleagues to join RecruitBot for better communication and collaboration.

  1. Ensure you are logged in to the RecruitBot app.

  2. Click here to access the TEAM section or click TEAM in the top navigation.

Then, determine if you have any open/available licenses or seats available. In this example below, you have 2 Primary seats and 3 Contributor seats available.

Then, click the 'Assign' button next to the type of seat you'd like to invite the user to, enter their email address, and choose if you'd like them to have Admin access (can edit/remove users, see all positions, etc). Click invite to send them the invitation.

From here, depending on your level of access, you can also Remove users and Resend invitations that haven't yet been accepted.

Removing Users (Admin access required)

To remove a user who's no longer needed, click the 'Archive' button next to their name, then the Confirm button to acknowledge the removal.

Resending an Invitation (Admin access required)

To resend an invitation to a user who hasn't signed up yet, click 'Manage' next to their name, then choose to Resend the invitation. They'll receive another email invitation to join and signup for a RecruitBot account!

Thanks for reading--if you have any other questions, reach out to

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