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RecruitBot & Okta (Single Sign On)
RecruitBot & Okta (Single Sign On)
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In this article, we cover how to create the integration between Okta and RecruitBot.

Step 1: Add the integration to your Okta Instance

Simply click this link, and then click the "Add Integration Button"


Then provide the subdomain name for your company. You'll supply this to your RecruitBot support representative to finalize setting up your account.


Step 2: Get the information about your instance

Go do the "Sign On" Tab...


Then scroll down to the Signing Certificates Section, and select the section that says "View SAML setup instructions"


On this page you will be able to see:

  1. Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL

  2. Identity Provider Issuer

  3. X.509 Certificate

  4. IDP metadata

Step 3: Send information to RecruitBot support

Please send to your RecruitBot support agent:

  1. The subdomain you provided

  2. Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL

  3. Identity Provider Issuer

  4. X.509 Certificate

  5. IDP metadata

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